Tomb of Ito Genboku

Tomb of Ito Genboku (Metropolitan Historic Site)

Tenryuji , 4 chome 4-33, Yanaka

 Ito Genboku was a physician of Dutch medicine at the end of the Edo Period. He was born into an agricultural family from what is now Saga Prefecture in 1800. Wishing to become a doctor, he translated from the Dutch language and studied Western medicine under the German physician Philipp Franz von Siebold in Nagasaki.
 He began his practice in Edo(present day Tokyo) in 1828 and, in 1831, became an official physician of the Saga Domain. From 1833, he began to receive many students and visitors at his residence-cum-school known as the Shosen-do located on Shitaya Izumibashi Street.
 The central focus of his endeavors came to be the foundation of the first inoculation center in Edo. Built in 1858 in Kanda Otamagaike, it was relocated the following year in Ito's neighborhood on Shitaya Izumibashi Street. In 1860, the Bakufu government took over direct control of the center, renamed it the Seiyo Igaku sho(Institute of Western Medicine), and appointed Genboku in charge of its management. After the transition from Tokugawa rule to the Meiji State in 1868, the institute served as the predecessor of what is now the University of Tokyo School of Medical Science. In 1871 Ito Genboku died at the age of 72 and was buried here at Tenryu-in Temple.
 Further information can be found in the posted explanation at Ito's home and inoculation center located at Taito 1-30.