October, 2017

Exhibition and Topics

Tokyo National Museum

The Living Treasures of France
September 12(Tue) - November 26(Sun)
Unkei - The Great Master of Buddhist Sculpture
September 26(Tue) - November 26(Sun)

National Museum of Nature and Science

Deep Ocean 2017
July 11(Tue) - October 1(Sun)
Flora Japonica
September 12(Tue) - December 3(Sun)
Ancient Civilization of The Andes
October 21(Sat) - February 18(Sun)

The National Museum of Western Art

[Special Exhibition]Hokusai and Japonisme
October 21(Sat) - January 28(Sun)

International Library of Children's Literture

Concert for Children
October 29(Sun) 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. will be held

The University Art Museum,Tokyo University of the Arts

The Grand Exhibition on the Silk Road
SOSin - DENSin Clone Cultural Property: Revitalization of Lost Time 

September 23(Sat) - October 26(Thu)
Special Exhibition commemorating the 130th Anniversary of the Tokyo University of the Arts : Art Treasures of the Imperial Court Produced by the Tokyo Fine Arts School During the Early 20th Century
October 28(Sat) - November 26(Sun)

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Great Collectors: Masterpieces from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
July 20(Thu) - October 9(Mon,holiday)
Hiroshi Sugito module or lacuna
July 25(Tue) - October 9(Mon)
Van Gogh & Japan
October 24(Tue) - January 8(Mon, holiday), 2018

Other museums and concert halls

Calligraphy Museum

ASAKURA Museum of Sculpture

Taito Art Gallery

Sogakudo oh the Former Tokyo Music School

Shitamachi Musem

Ichiyo Memorial Museum

The Japan Art Academy

The Ueno Royal Museum

Sogakudo Concert Hall, Tokyo University of the Arts

Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens

The Gallery in Ueno-chuo-dori Underground Passage

Taito City Library(Gallery)

Ishibashi Memorial Hall

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan


Sogakudo of the Former Tokyo Music School

Sogakudo of the Former Tokyo Music School closed for the preservation repair construction from April, 2013.

The Japan Art Academy

The Japan Art Academy is closed for earthquake-proof construction, and will be opened in 2019.

Ichiyo Memorial Museum

Temporary closing
October 26(Thu) - October 31(Tue)

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