October, 2019

Exhibition and Topics

Tokyo National Museum

Special Exhibition Celebrating the Enthronement of His Majesty the Emperor
Shosoin: Essential Treasures of Ancient Japan Passed Down by the Imperial Family
October 14(Mon) - November 24(Thu)
Museum Garden Opening (Autumn)
October 29(Tue) - November 10(Sun)
Journey through Asia at the Tokyo National Museum: Asia in Love
September 10(Tue) - October 14(Mon)
Commemorating 30 Years of Conservation Projects Supported by the Sumitomo Foundation
Special Thematic Exhibition: New Life for Timeless Art
October 1(Tue) - December 1(Sun)

National Museum of Nature and Science

Special Exhibition "The Dinosaur Expo 2019" 
July 13(Sat) - October 14(Mon)

The National Museum of Western Art

[Special Exhibition]150 Years Friendship Austria-Japan
The Habsburg Dynasty:600 Years of Imperial Collections
October19(Sat) - January 26(Sun), 2020
Gothic Manuscripts from the Naito Collection : Microcosms of Images Imbedded in Words, Images Surpassing Words
October 19(Sat) - January 26(Sun), 2020

International Library of Children's Literture

100 Years of Modern and Contemporary Art in Picture Books - From Dada to New Painting
First period: October 1(Tue) - November 17(Sun)
Second period: November 19(Tue) - January 19(Sun), 2020

The University Art Museum,Tokyo University of the Arts

The Tokyo Fine Arts School (the predecessor of Tokyo University of the Arts / the former name: Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music) started to collect art materials for education and research prior to its foundation in 1887. 
What are humans looking at when drawing?
October 9(Wed) - October 14(Mon)

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Yasuko Iba, A Way of Seeing
July 20(Sat) – October 9(Wed)
Masterpieces of Impressionism: The Courtauld Collection
September 10(Tue) – December 15(Sun)

Other museums and concert halls

Calligraphy Museum

ASAKURA Museum of Sculpture

Taito Art Gallery

Sogakudo oh the Former Tokyo Music School

Shitamachi Musem

Ichiyo Memorial Museum

The Japan Art Academy

The Ueno Royal Museum

Sogakudo Concert Hall, Tokyo University of the Arts

Kyu-Iwasaki-tei Gardens

The Gallery in Ueno-chuo-dori Underground Passage

Taito City Library(Gallery)

Ishibashi Memorial Hall

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan


Taito City Art and Culture Foundation

Japanese music fresh concert 2019, "Japanese music invites the world of Wa"
October 19(Sat) open at 13:30, the raising of the curtains at 14:00
Venue : The Taito City Millennium Hall
Admission : All seats reserved,  Adult ticket 2,000 yen, Teenage ticket 1,000 yen
Preschool children are not allowed to enter.

Taito City Art and Culture Foundation

Piano and viola concert & manners lecture for elementary, junior and high school students
October 26(Sat) open at 13:30, the raising of the curtains at 14:00
Venue : The Taito City Millennium Hall
Admission : All seats free,  Adult ticket 1,500 yen, Teenage ticket 500 yen
No admission for adults only

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